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    Главная » Фотоальбом » Из архива Бориса Ампилогова » Е.С. Аннинский

    Е.С. Аннинский

    E.S. Anninsky

    Evgeny Sergeevich Anninsky is an emeritus Teacher of the Russian Federation, author of a number of scientific articles, active participant in regional, federal and international exhibitions and scientific conferences. For many years he headed the area study and archeo-logical expeditions in which students of the small town Podgorny and town Zheleznogorsk took active part. One of the aims of the expeditions was searching and studying petrogliphs of the Middle Enisey and preserving them for the future. To achieve this purpose a hard work of copying petrogliphs and processing copies was made which resulted in collecting more than 260 copies.
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